Having more S class makes you weaker in Arena

After I got my first S Class (Priya) besides, I could never ever reach Top7/10 for getting rings. Why is that? Playing Diamond 4, I might be one of the few having S class yet. My points are so high, people getting me as opponent will make them place top ranks.
I never get S class opponents anymore.

  • Arena broken point system
  • Arena broken draft mode (When facing S class)

Please fix.

And sort the opponent teams by points and not by ranks!

Thank you.


Tough luck man

As the VP Tucker said you need to be trained to do refreshes. This way you search for the perfect outcome or item.


Arenas is trash ri gs should have been implemented into fa ffs. Not tht hard at all.

That’s usually what happens, you think you are unbeatable because of your s/class toon? Then change your def team to a decent one this may change the outcome of points people can get of you. Also you won’t place higher because there will always be people who buy tickets to try again, again and again.

rng dictates what opponents you get. rng is broken, so the mode is broken, simple as that.

Sure. My S Class Teams are beatalble.
It is also my understanding, that my points I give in Arena are based on my best possible team…And NOT THE LIVE TEAM I have put up for defence.
I agree scoring is broken, because of the RNG aspect. But it is even more broken, because of the reverse progression: your stronger roster helps other people’s points.

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You know what the worst thing is? If you have the highest ranking team grade in your pool and you offer the most amount of points, you will never get yourself so can probably never come first in domination mode unless rng offers you the next 2-3 highest grade/point teams which appears to never happen…

Unbalanced & below-par points reward system that wasn’t thought out very well. No surprises here of course :+1:

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Huh? Diamond 4 has plenty of S Class.

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Im actually glad people are getting s class toons im like the only person in my league worth shit honestly point wise. The point system is so stupid imo.

I just use 1 character for defence same as my raid. I figure with the arenas scoring being a scam I might as well, give everyone points. So if spenders get them easy from me, I have no defence for them, why not let everyone. I know I give some of the highest points since I only get skipped maybe twice a arena and before I lowered my D I only lost to weak attackers.

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THIS. exactly my point. But better words.

Changing your defense doesn’t affect the amount of points your opponents can get from you. It’s based on your historical beat team grade. It will only ever go up.

And that was different than Onslaught! There adjusting your team had immediate impact on points.
I like that.

Why do you think people but 3* and 4* teams in so it is harder for there opponents to get points

If you had that system in Arena, everyone would switch to single-1* defense teams, and every domination Arena would end in a tie. It’s a strictly superior stratefy, and would make a complete mockery out of the whole mode.

@thread: I remember 4 weeks ago everyone was complaining that being the strongest one in a league was too good, because you get lots of rings for free from lesser players. Now people are complaining that having the strongest team is too punishing…

If your team is better than everyone else, but plenty of people can still beat you, you should try moving to a higher league. If you can’t beat the top scores in your league, you should try to rank down. I haven’t done the exact math, but they’re obviously going for a scoring method where the optimal position is with people similar to your own strength, and while it may not be quite optimal at the moment, doing something similar is the only balanced and fair method.

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It’s not broken points go up if all toons alive, so pick carefully your opponents and save entries to have better placement. I save until I get enough to finish #1 at least 2 times before champions arena

And yes having one of the top3 defence in your leauge make you get less points becouse you cant meet yourself.

i agree with OP this needs to be fixed. make wins give the same number of points for everyone, just like raid. u get the same number of points whether u beat a strong or a dropped def.
this way, players are incentivized to get stronger defenses, and not penalized for it.

Arenas is like raids you get the same points for that player, doesn’t matter if it’s dropped or real def.
These are the raid points I got from s15 or higher grade teams, doesn’t matter if it’s the bot, dropped or real def I got the same raid points from that player. That’s how arenas works.