Haven't received 3 mil milestone reward

I havent received my 3 million renown points milestone for this level up. Seems I am the only one so far this has happened to. You can check my account. I had 0 GPS prior to the event bought the 2 from league shop to prep for what should have been Faction Level Up and IF I had gotten this milestone, I would have had 1 more. Also the choice crates, I should have 5, I have 3(from raid rewards).

I would like the rewards. I do need the GPS more then everything else.

I did message support, but my faith in them helping is very low in this matter.

Also for some reason it will not allow me to tag GR or JB.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


Thank you!

No problem.:+1:t3:

Did u promote any toons during solo levelup?

It happened to me too

Yea, but what does that have to do with it? Possible glitch?

If u reached 3mill by promoting you will have delayed scoring. I will line u!

Same for me.have not recieved milestones in lvl up

I contacted support. They were surprisingly helpful. Waiting on rewards now

Been having this problem myself.I however fixed it somewhat.
Try hitting the rewards box then exit out and it may or may not fix it.

Support gave me my rewards. 12+ hours after event ended.

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