Haven't played in 1 Year

How much better/ worse has this game gotten? Everything looks so complicated now.


Run away


Save yourself.


Leave the game its only pay things now


Afraid if you havent played in a year catchup will be absolutly hopeless for you. A single character now takes up to two months to grind for, get gear, and max. Ita bland and there is so much else you can do with your time


Also depends if you f2p or p2p you could catch up


It will be tough depending on which wave you find your region in. The game has evolved a lot and you should be able to catch up in about 3 months if you are a spender and a mild spender in a bit more time but it is fun. The negatives you get are from people who make as if grinding is enough to get you to the top. If you like to play enjoy it and forget the trolls

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It’s worse

Much much worse

Run and never look back


if you are looking for a better game experience, i would look elsewhere, nothing has changed, the gap bewtween those that spend and those that dont has just got wider. and if your in a wave 1 region your stuck


Stay away the area became radiated

(S class is limited collectible op as hell chars.
If your six stars cant go against The f2p s class and the collectible ones their useless.

Good 6* against s class are P2W (Meaning you can only get it from premier recruits. F2p 6 stars are in elite char, 5*, prestige)

Pete is a s class medic who can rev 2 people at once and he’ll also add Guard II on everyone and bonus hp

Priya is a s class attacker with a rocket who can 1 shot people with her ar and can also confuse ya toons.
Raulito is a bleed toon who can add crosshairs (A active skill which marks a toon to be killed and decapped. Basically it adds a decap effect so non decap can kill that toon)
Free s class are Kapoor, Christa, and James

James Col DMG II is buffed to where his ar can 1 shot a toon than after attacking the first toonn his damage can 1 shot another.

Counters to s class?

Confuse (If you can confuse a sclass to take one two, or fuck up the whole team. This is good if you scan the enemy toons for stun.)
Stun, absolute defense, reflect damage

Also their is Payback and bide toons
Payback basically reflect damage if your ar takes more than 30% of your damage. The reflected ar damage will highlight 3 toons with the payback symbol and they’ll take damage

Bide is basically damage takeup and use. It has a bar meaning you can store up to 3k damage before you manual attack a toon releasing all that damage on it.

If you dont have a good team against s classes. Stay away from this p2w cursed game. You missed out on alot.

We have buckets now. Basically the chances on a premier recruit or a wheel isn’t accurate. For example. Some dude pulled 4 6* on his sc trial. I pulled all 4* Meaning you can do 200/ 5 40 pulls and get less than 5 ascendables. Hell you can do a 40 and probably get 38 4* and 2 5 stars that are duplicates. Im a casual spender (Not anymore since I used up my money on 99 cent offers. And I dont spend anymore) but now Im f2p (Technically not since I never spent coins for pulls since their straight up shit)

If your either not ready for this challenge or ready to fight against op as fuck toons. Than get the hell out of the wasteland.


You haven’t played in a year, so I have a new goal for you…

Burn the game, get rid of all data, make sure you can’t come back.


The password is $$$$

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Drop 2-3 grand and you’ll be fine dude , no biggie!

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tobi i want that gif now XD

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And yeah just dont come back its not worth it

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If you are p2p it is actually a decent time to come back as rosters and weapons have been reset recently.

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A lot has changed actually but that is not the important thing here, something has definitely changed allright, and its the notion of them having this Prime Directive…“We Need More Sales! Do Whatever It Takes To Get All THEIR Money!”, to the point that they all do this Money Making Schemes and try to dupe us all into Buying nowadays! Totally shady af, like your average Con-artist or Streetsmart hustler would do to Naive, innocent victims…!

That is where all the sudden changes all people feel in the game right now…mainly “Increase All Odds” to our(scopes) favor! Mwahaha(devils laugh)!


How you think about the game after your first day back?

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