Haven't got what I paid for

@JB.Scopely I brought the 325 walker tokens for 99p and I haven’t t got them but u still have taken my money

I would have erased the order number too and probably other info too… Just in case

Same happened to me, transaction complete but no tokens received! Messaged support, just waiting now, must be to do with mesh 100000 error

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If u get any news from them please tell me

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Quick question: does the offer still show up in the shop? If so click on it. Sometimes what happens to me is if it get a little antsy waiting and I click the screen I don’t collect the items until I click on the offer again. It’s happened a few times. I though I got screwed over and then just clicked the offer and got the items right away.

I pressed on it again and it says this

Okay just checking. It is a real issue then.

Search the forum for error code 300,004.

Pretty sure it’s a common error code and you might find some info on the meantime while you wait for support to respond. Which will take at least 24 hours.

OK thanks opie

Merry Christmas from Scopley… :confused:


I’ve got the tokens now they just went through

So tell us what you got for your .99$!

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2 4 stars and skylar

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