Have you thought about quitting?

Why are you still playing?

  • I haven’t thought about quitting, there’s nothing wrong with the game atm
  • My faction mates are the only reason I’m playing
  • Ive spent to much just to abandon it
  • I’ve already quit

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You missed the option
I’m not quitting but there is still issues with the game


Also missed another option

“Thought about quitting because I just have a busy life.”


Sorry, I can’t include to many options, of course there are options that I missed but the basis is there

I was “retired” for 6 months. Came back and am a bit discouraged about what i came back too

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I quit every day. Groundhog Day.


I’ve considered quitting for probably the last 3 months. I used to love playing this game but its just becoming less and less fun for me and more like a chore. Only reason I’m still playing is because of my faction and the fact that I’ve put in over 2 years worth of time and effort and sometimes even cash too. I’m not really ready to just throw that all away. It gets tempting though.


There is an expression in Richmond called Chreetiring. It’s where you fake retire for attention while lowkey playing eating Chreetos on the couch at the Chreetirement home living the “good life”.


I’ve been on the verge several times. I just don’t seem to be able to.

To many options would invalidate the poll unfortunatley

Too little options does the same thing, especially when many of the options suggest pretty much the same reasoning. In reality, people quit for multitudes of other reasons that aren’t similar.


Yes, quitting is right around the corner. As a f2p player I can’t even enjoy this game with the crap can drops rates now.

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I sometimes think about quitting but purely because of the amount of my time this game occupies where I could be doing something much more productive. I guess I am addicted though because despite having these thoughts and reducing the amount of time I spend playing I still continue to spend a lot of time in game. Ultimately the game is what it is and I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction out of it (as well as frustration sometimes) but as an autonomous human being I ultimately do as I choose. I think people who quit will move forward in their lives and maybe even find better things to do but I suspect many will miss the game and return or fall into similar behaviour patterns with regards to some other obsession. I think what we fail to see is that the game is designed to attract and entertain individuals like ourselves. We are the customer base they wish to attract. Whether we choose to become consumers of their content or not is our choice at the end of the day.

Lol. : )

F2P players are unhappy because the release of 6s has severely imbalanced the game, especially due to most ascendables being new premiers instead of older 5s that severely need a tune up. Many now feel far further behind than they once did.

P2P players are unhappy because the value of the money they have spent has been decreased with the release of 6s. Most 5s they have that they’ve used purchased coins to acquire are now unusable, thus making them feel that they’ve wasted their money (let’s avoid the comments about how any purchase in a mobile game is a waste of money).

Both categories became even more unhappy with the unnecessary buff to 6s.

Besides the thousand other reasons people have to quit, this has got to be the biggest at this time. Kali communicates what she can, some devs as well, but nothing is done. It’s as if no one that can make things better is listening. Why would anyone want to fund a company that doesn’t listen? If the customer base is treated as if they are an atm?

The customers here are clearly not happy. In MY industry, we do whatever we can to keep customers happy. A steak gets over cooked? Give them a new steak and buy them a drink. A server forgets to put in an order? Rush the hell out of that dish and also give them a free dessert. Customers who have spent a lot of money in the past are throwing a party and only have so much in the budget? Talk with them and work out a deal and treat them as the valued customer that they are. Because without people spending and without everyone else having a positive attitude about things, the business is doomed to fail. A bad review is 10x more powerful than a good one in any scenario. While F2P players do not keep the game going economically, they still have the power to damage reputation. And with a bad reputation comes people leaving faster than people joining. Enough of that and the doors will close for good.

There’s a lot of bad going on right now, and very little good. Scopely you can see by this thread (and so many others) how unhappy your customers are. The time to act is now, revitalize your players and start treating all of us as valued customers before it’s too late.

I apologize for the transition this comment went through, I tend to ramble once I get rolling. Also drugs.


Only every day.

I normally choose to ignore your BS. But honestly can’t you just let people vent their frustrations. If you don’t like the post just move on. People have invested 2 years and alot of money into this game. So for us to witness the gradual decline of it can bring out our emotions and opinions. I too am close to quiting this game. Honestly don’t know how much more I can take.
You clearly love it and the company. So fine say all the positive things you can say about it. Just please refrain from feeling the need to correct everyone else who isn’t on cloud nine like yourself. :+1:


Exactly my thoughts

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Of course, but I think about quitting everything, every dang day. But I rise and grind because that’s the only thing that’s real, suffering.