Have you stopped to think about it?

When the game started, there was already a 5 *. They were the strongest in the game. The hardest to have.

And they had several. Then more came up.
Then when it came the 6 * came up one by one. Making the game more monotonous and equal. Same teames, same characters.

It broke the game and the mood.
Maybe scopely should release several 6 * at the same time, both ftp and ptp. To give more variety


I kind of agree. But I remember back in the five star days the teams for the f2p were still similar. Get yourself some andreas.

What’s really ruined the games are the weapons now. Active skills and specialist skills like disarm have help, but if you face a full green team with stun attack, you can possibly not attack for 2-4 turns. It’s complete RNG now.


what ruined the game is generic prizes.

if every event has the same prize…

they just become… like energy. Just spend to spend.

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We just need rewards worth fighting for, no more 5* tokens for top 50


I’d rather have a shiny new 5 star that’s not even ascendable than these recycled rewards, I am a guy who likes to have all of the rare toons, with toons like Matt, Pocky etc. Being given to the masses and no longer being “limited edition” kind of tainted this for me, but I’d like to see 1 tourney only toons return, just for collecting sake


The RNG has totally killed this game … remember when prizes was a good toon or at the very least a half decent one … now we compete for shitty gear … and not even enough shitty gear to level a single fucking character !!!

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When the game started 5* didn’t exist at all. Nor did war. There weren’t many events either but we did get some interesting content and some fun roadmaps.

Great feedback! So in your opinion scopely should add a bunch off 6* at the same time for more verity?

I’d love to ask a hacker what exactly they get out of it other than a strange sense of power over others. I could understand (to an extent) people hacking to gain a small advantage or to catch up to others, but in these cases what do they actually play the game for? Don’t need to win anything if you can just hack what you want anyway, and there’s no sense of achievement. And surely it’s boring if you don’t have to use your brain or skills? I honestly don’t understand them.

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Actually we had multiple Russian factions in this crw and my faction came in first place without cheating or hacking .

Issue is they did so little for so long its everyone’s first reaction. And honestly trust of Scopely is so low, can’t blame people.

Yeah I understand that aspect of it but fighting for gear and five star tokens sucks ass

100% agreement.

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