Have you seen this Gerald?


A few weeks ago while doing one of the gear maps i noticed that there were new looking enemy skins, so i checked it out…

when i was doing FA (before i noticed these mix ups) i thought i saw gerald there too

a few minutes ago i started up a new region, and who was there?

the last stage of home mart, im pretty sure he is supposed to be jim

at first i thought it was only alert toons that got re skinned but theres tough ones too, has anyone else seen gerald anywhere else?


Its a conspiracy


Hahaha that clip at the end, brilliant xD


I’m Gerald

You’re Gerald

We’re all Gerald

Fixed spelling :man_facepalming:t2:


Made me think of Fallout… Gaaaarrrrrry’s Vault :rofl:


I noticed this awhile ago, beware OG Gerald’s panicked unload is something to fear!
: p


how long is a while ago? do you remember where?


@Agrajag @Shawn.Scopely i know this is not and wont be a top priority to address but there is definately something amiss here, what do you two think?


Lol yes! The lady Gerald makes me laugh : P


((I’ll talk to the team and see if anything is amiss))


Don’t think the old in-combat dossiers used to show names

Probably why a bunch of PVE only fighters just had the same name string since all fighters need one, but they’d also never be in a player’s inventory where the contents mattered