Have you noticed, in raids

Not a complain post, just an observation. Have you noticed that when raiding, most often against bots, that when an impair, neutralize, or stun is needed it is almost always is resisted?

Let me elaborate. I run with at least one neutralize character. Besides the obvious usefulness, I like to see that the enemies AR is about to pop. When up against a revive setup, almost always try to pin that character down and then use decapitate to pick off other characters. Simple enough strategy. The thing I have noticed, more and more, is that almost like clockwork, regardless of resist percentages, the revive character will resist everything and pop off the revive. Along with the joy that is revive chaining, I remember a former thread that brought up the issue of how a revived toon pops their AR as soon as they are brought back. No death penalty. The enemy team actually benefits from letting one die and be brought back. Makes no sense. A revived character should start with zero AR, or some other penalty.

I also see this with absolute defense toons. Very often will get a string of 0 damage the closer the enemy gets to zero health, along with the aforementioned improved resists. Oh, and guardian Zeke seems to critical hit and put up shield more frequently after one or two enemies have been taken off the board.

It could be that I only notice this when it happens and completely turns a win into a loss, but I have been paying close attention and I do not think this is the case. So many times recently the bots have a perfectly timed resist to make a miraculous comeback and win the match.


RNG is always better on the defending side imo. Also toons with an active skill revive seem to use it the moment they get it, and seeing that you can’t block actives, it’s inevitable they go off before you can take them down.


Very good points. I had not considered the active skill part. I would love to watch replays of raids from the defensive aspect and see if my team also appears to have improved resists. Looking at my failed defends, I am inclined to think they do not.

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Stun, confuse and taunt all block actives

I meant like a neutralize style counter

I gotcha

Its mostly likely really bad rng, on a side note u ever notice how certain toons when you hit them they go down to like 100 hp and dont die.

Yea, I remember when they redid the UI, bunch of people complaining about how enemy toons were left with a sliver of health. Like if they had 100 health left, your hit would do 90 and they would still be alive. This is still the case but players have learned to accept it, or forgotten. IMO this is still an issue that the designers use to their advantage.

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Yea i was testing a new team vs a gabe lead with lydia a plethora of other rev/ bonus hp toons, was using decap ty and was 5 turning the team until he swapped one mod and then every toon i hit survived just barely…ty had 41% atk vs green gabe survived with like 100 hp and boom rev cycle started.

Indeed, seems like game is trying to make sure that those premier toons get to use their rush, no matter what.

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I completely agree. Mosts of times, I found my stun swords completely useless and watch the rev chain works its magic !
Its not always a loss but it takes 3 more minutes to take down the team when it should be less than one without that socalled rng …
If IUGO people were still here, they would prolly send numbers and figures to prove us wrong but in the end, the final feeling is that the game has become boring as eff with all their boosts, debuffs, nerfs, premiere and such …


I would not be surprised if the devs have implemented an algorithm to push bad R&G to those that do not have a disarm in order to push potential revenue streams. predatory as hell, but oh so scopely.

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i have no disarm, and my rng is awful. i can face a defense with 30-40% resists and never fails they go off. i can use bryan with +60% stun resist and it seems like im using mira to remove stun more than i want to. lol. hell thats why i find it hard to remove her from teams that i know stun is likely


But really is it rng if the defending teams has weapons proc more, mods proc more and get more ap gain than the attacking team? No thats not rng lol

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I always take a few seconds at beginning and look at weapons and glance at mods. I thing I’ve definitely noticed with guardians is I’ll see one with high critical and behind a crit lead even and the Guardian Maybe pops it’s shield every other turn, then there’s guys who have def,ap,and absolute or stun depending on toon and they pop every turn…considering guardian pops on critical hits you’d think opposite. Anyways I agree the percents on mods no matter how low seem to be 100%. It gets ridiculous

Exactly my point, brother. It really seems to be a sliding scale. Would not be hard to code. I can’t do it but can draw it out in flow chart.

Just had a match like that not 6 mins ago. One char I needed to focus down and yet with only 35 percent resist, locked me out of a double 5 hit. I’m not pissed, more disappointing because so predictable.


Yup i love “rng” and getting every attack blocked by absolute defense while their gaurdian crits every time and they get to rush before me even if mine is lower with a huge bonus, thats why i gave up caring, this game isnt about skill, its about getting lucky, even spending thousands still requires luck of the draw. I put my money anywhere else now cause they wont ever fix nor change anything cause people still pay them for this pos lol

Hell yea, they know what they doing, and anyone that doesn’t get it is just getting played. I like playing, but have to understand what you are up against. I stay in my lane, mostly. Sometimes punch up. Mostly my Faction and Us.

I remember a thread, not to long ago. They were asking if enjoyment could be found in ftp. I responded that it could, if you find your lane. Spend or don’t, but don’t come in expecting anything except disappointment and spending regret.

Everything I have in this game I have taken from corporate. Never got anything on a dime. And I like it that way.

Plus, enjoy the community quite a bit.

pOOp rng pay or get left behind.

For sure, that is why I say take all you can from em. Spend no dollars, but if you do, know what you doing.

And I don’t whine either. Hope is a terrible thing. They use your weaknesses against you. Whether it is with your team or your bank account. Believe me Brothers and Sisters, All things are stacked against you.

Soon as a person can see these things in context, then you become a player. Kind of like that screen in Riddick. Their are convicts and criminals.

Don’t bring shame to the game

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