Have You Ever Dealt With A More Aggravating Company?

Well, have you?

  • Yes
  • No

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Lol you havent lived then…

Nerf human shield.


These fools are as bad as they come.

We all know the greed that they have.

One word. EA.

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Depends if you pay them lol

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I’m sure all degrees of spenders are pissed in varying degrees.

EA aren’t as bad as Scopely imo. Games Workshop went mental for a while but reeled it back in very effectively and are now as decent a company as they were when I first started playing 40k.
Worst companies I’ve come across (and also some of the best, they are always at one end of the spectrum or the other) are letting agencies when it comes to issues such as deposits. Always, ALWAYS, Google reviews for letting (rental) agencies you are thinking of using before you use them.

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