Have not received green/black flag compensation

As of now, i still haven’t received the compensation for the michonne event. Support is no help, cookie cutter response and it is past the time they said to expect it into my inbox. When will this be resolved. @gr.scopely @taytron

Same unfortunately.

I apparently got 60 green flags and 20 black flags in my inbox. Didn’t even know they would be sending any out.

Having not used my choice-boxes until recently, they haven’t given any compensation.

Now they are planning to take away any unused choice-boxes, in essence stealing rewards because they think they’ve resolved the issue.

When that happens, expect rioting

If you can remove it, you can add items back.

Replace the damn item to people you haven’t compensated.


Same still nothing

I did but I never got the new facebook michonne and stun gun.

Now thus should be posted in game ffs

That sucks got all compensations and can still collect flags wtf

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