Have a great day everyone

Enjoy your day everyone.


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This is a really, really stupid idea…there should be no limit on the toons you can use


How were u facing teams full of guardian zeke?

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For Raiding and Wars I am all with you on this idea.

For anything in the World Map and Roadmap we should be able to use dup toons.

The alternative is to speed up the release of viable toons for a more diverse team build.

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@endureandsurvive9 I thought you quit because of a new job.

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Guardian Zeke was in one of the wheels(I think prestige) @master-beta

Yeah, multi Priya and multiple Shiva have been annoying in the past. It’s been like that for a long time, but you learn to adjust your approach.

stop crying… am keep using my 3 cats sr zek and zek. and carl.

I did, but I never said I was leaving forum. I can still give player feedback.

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Thanks for caring but why kick a dead horse while the sun is setting?:rofl: