Hatred towards Scopely

Look, I don’t blame you guys for wanting Scopely to fix their game and bugs and all that, but it’s no reason to bring hate towards them. Hating them and telling them to “get it done” (whatever ‘it’ would be) won’t make them fix whatever the problem is any faster. Again, I don’t blame anyone for wanting Scopely to fix things and all that, but it’s still not a reason to bring hate towards them. I know many have talked about this before, but I wanted to put my thoughts in. Thank you and have a good day.


Hey, who’s been drinking all the kool-aid? :wink:


Like I said, I don’t blame anyone for wanting them to fix their game, I said hatred towards them won’t make them work faster.

I care because all you people do is hate towards them, not saying their game is perfect nor saying what you should do. Just saying hating isn’t helping.

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Hating them isn’t helping anything. I’ve seen many people say some disgusting things towards them yet they fix none of what that person/people want.

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I’m not being paid anything. I hate them just as much as anyone, they could definitely make improvements. Again, saying hating them isn’t fixing anything.

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Scopely obviously doesn’t care what the players think most of the time, so hating obviously will solve nothing when it comes to them. I probably hate them more than the average person does, but I can stop myself from putting hate on them, and I let them do their job.

Exactly as I said, they care nothing of what the majority think, but I still think they don’t deserve to have all that hate on them. It’s my opinion, if anyone disagrees, ok cool.

Venting makes me feel better.

This is a forum for communication to and from scopely.

And since I’m an asshole in real life, why should my tone be any different here.

Im a paying customers, my voice matters…and how i choose to apply my voice is none of your business.


I never told you what to do lol, what you do is your decision. I can still call you out on it.

I expect people to feel differently and to raise eyebrows on me, doesn’t change me.

Call away.

Scopely majorly fuckerd the game with patch 9.3

They “deserve” every bit of shade they are getting.


If everyone wants to spread hate on them, it’s their choice, I’m not gonna try to change anyone. Just addressing a hate problem.

Scopely deserves anything that the people throws at them people put money and a whole lot of time into this game. Period can’t tell someone how to conduct themselves towards Scopely unless you are looking to get paid or laid by scopely…

Hate is a strong word.

Pissed off, frustrated, disappointed, infuriated, angry, upset are all maybe (certainly) emotions which I do feel towards this developer.

But I don’t hate them.


Again, not trying to change anyone’s views on Scopely nor how they act, I wouldn’t wanna be changed either.

Not really, addressing a problem doesn’t always mean to change it.


Accurate representation of where it’s headed.


I’m gonna be honest, I agree and I want Scopely to fix the problems in the game.

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But it doesn’t mean I’m gonna bring more and more hate to them.