Has your opinon changed on the 6* stat boost


Before war we had the 6* stat boost,as this poll shows 90% of the community disagreed with this and they didnt need a boost my question is after war has your opinion changed at all?https://forum.scopely.com/showthread.php?21240-Did-6*-need-the-stat-buff-in-your-opinion)

  • Yes, 6* boosts were a good idea after all
  • No , 6* boosts have negativily affected my enjoyment of the game

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Opinions on the 6* stat boost?

I don’t know why everyone thinks it was a bad idea. Just shows that some people are too lazy to keep up with meta. Its not required to spend either. I have a whole 6* team without having done any premier pulls for any of them. Just takes time and prep to level them and such.

I feel like the buff made 6*s as strong as they should be.


Yes, but they are mostly t3max right now, if they are as strong as they should be, which I don’t necessarily agree with, how stupid overpowered are they going to be when you can t4 lvl 90 them.


They aren’t going to be stupid overpowered facing other 6* teams…and from region wars I’ve already seen many top teams with full 6* teams. Just seems like this move kind of screwed all the people who “waited for better ascendance” and stuck with 5s. it was pretty obvious from the moment 6s were released that it was time to get on the legendary train.


My view is that pre buff they were still very strong, this buff made them OP .

It has literally made the toons for the past 2 years that i spent on completely worthless and only good for fodder which is inexcusable ,if they weren’t already dead by the newer 5*

My favorite example is probably wanderer , he simply cant compete anymore, these tier3 6* can one shot him, even when hes leader, when their tier4 if you dont have a 6* you cant play anymore making him worthless when i spent ÂŁ300 on him, i either have t hold on to him in hope he ascends , but he wasnt in the list so not happening until at least 2018 or use him and some of my other toons i spent ÂŁ100s on to create a generic 6*


Sorry but this would have been the same regardless of the buff or not, 6* would always be as strong as other 6* it just means if you have a 5* now you have no hope in hell
That there is my point, i cant use him, even on territories as anyone with a 6* will maul him, so i simply have to have him sit there until he can ascend which may be in 2 years time, i dont know, the buff made the roster i built in 2 years completely irrelevant overnight
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@Akearns never use toons u payed for to ascend…use them for territory/tower teams. Eventually all 5* will be aacendable. People used to pay for 4*s way back. They’ve been useless for a while. Its the circle of progression.


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Here is why I feel they are.
It’s similar a level 50 character in an MMO to try and take down a level 65 raid. On the flip side, anyone with a good leader can just put any random 6* on an attack team and just blindly kill.

Tyreese and Yumi, both blue, can easily shred a Priya/Zeke/SHiva team without even rushing or having active skills.

The comparison of 5-4 vs. 6-5 forexample. For first year of meta, using 5 and 4 was a viable strategy. I was in a 1st place faction and winning wars and getting mulitple defends using a really good 4* and the rest 5* (Zachary during the Andrea meta)

That was still the case with 6 as great 5* were viable on defense, but now it doesn’t seem like it. If I can kill 2 Priyas using blues and no AR, that’s just too easy and ruins all the work people put into building a defense


While an eventual move to 6* was inevitable, transitioning this quickly and forcing the meta down everybody’s throats isn’t cool. Most games allow alternatives to the meta, as this one did untIl recently, but now it’s hard to do anything without running the same common 6s as everybody else. Losing a roster that took years to develop in a flash is pretty hard to swallow and unfortunately I’m seeing long term players quitting as a result. Reverting to prebuff state would still allow 6 to be powerful but would allow 5s to phase out more slowly as new, more powerful, 6s are released.


i dunno if i agree with all 5s being completely nullified. im one of the unfortunate ones that havent been able to utilize the ascendance update at all. i have 1 legendary in total. i ran last weeks crw with just my epic roster and yes, not even gonna lie. it was tough, but not as tough as people are making it out to be. i could take out s4++ teams with my outdated s1++ setups and even had defends rolling in as well. now dont get it twisted. i wasnt 5 aliving every single person all the time, or even winning every single battle, but i wasnt going into it with that expectation anyhow. the regions we were up against was top notch regions and good sports so i tip my hat to them. gg long and mcintosh. as for the topic, i wish if they did roll it out, it wasnt literally right before crw dropped. atleast let us acclimate lol.


Making all premier recruits useless hurts me the most. I used to spend a lot and now all 5* are trash. No matter what, stun or impair weapons fix nothing for them when Shiva one shots Priya and Teresa with basic attacks. Same goes for Tyreese or Yumiko against Magna, Mirabelle against Lee… they all die first turn and then your defense is open to be slaughtered.


Think about it objectively. People will dozens of great 5* now can’t use 90% of them on defense. The “best” characters in the game like Priya Konrda Michshield and Magna are now just “Meh” at best.

For about 4 weeks 5 and 6 could both be used on defense, now if you don’t have at least 3 6* on defense, I’m just going to auto attack, I don’t care if it’s 4 Priyas or 4 Stun Magnas, Tyreese will just decap them all


I believe the change was warranted. I remember prior to the change there was hardly any defenses utilizing 6 stars because their rushes were too slow. Everyone’s 5 star defenses were built around rushing turn 1 or 2 and 6 stars didn’t fit that equation. In fact many chose not to ascend hoping to see future 6 stars with faster rushes. Well, scopely made it clear during the implementation of ascension that they wanted raids to last longer (probably a response to those griping about our 1 turn attack teams). So the only way to get people to ascend in their eyes was to buff stats because they weren’t going to speed up final result rushes.

I can understand the frustration with the timing of the change…but like was said earlier in this post…6 stars are the new meta so those that didn’t ascend should start now. That is scopely’s goal with these changes in my opinion.


I think its basically like start over, some people might be enthusiastic about it considering that having a good team should give you in theory some advantage to get the new 6*'sa, but others specially the spenders have all the right to be piss and not willing to continue as almost all the money and time invested its now useless, probably some buff not so big could have been just fine in order to make the 6* attractive but not so overpowered that make any other effort before that useless.


I do think the boost was a bit much since it really invalidated all the good 5* that came before it. I could imagine all the big spenders being pissed everything they spent on before is useless.

For example, in the token wheel was excited to get Jesus, Revive Hershel, and other toons that were for years, the “best”. I finally got those toons very recently, but the excitement is gone as they are now useless. Granted I got these for free, if I paid lots for them before I wouldn’t be too happy.

Meta is unavoidable in any game, but in this case it came too fast and too soon. It really did level the play field for everyone.


Thanks for creating this poll!

  1. They stat boosted before BEFORE tier 4 was even available.

  2. They did it so 6s teams would overwhelm 5s and obsolete anythi g we had, which is was already on its way to do I g so with tier 4 gear

  3. They did it right before war with 0 warning.

  4. Dis I mention 5s toons were already 1 step away from being obsolete.

There are features and then there are forcing things to happen before your player base is craving it.


Meh. It was awful, 6* star were already OP against 5*. Now they got buffed, most of those 5* became useless at all on raids/war.
An example: The last CRW, we faced tons of priyas, but hell mate… my shiva oneshoted them so where’s the balance there?
And now you gave legendary gear to reach t4, to make them more op


Well, people complained about pryia so they gave everyone pryia 2 in free Shiva, then buffed her to make sure pryia died, lol. Sad, for all the bucks pryia spenders dumped to get her :pensive:


6* were OP enough to begin with.