Has this become P2W only?

As a F2P player for a long time, has this game really turned into a P2W only game? There’s just no more fun for F2P anymore. The game is overrun with P2W toons. If you’re a P2W player, then I get it…you’re happy w your purchases and are doing fine. Just wanted to get a read from other F2P players.


F2P here (Flashes F2P pass). The game’s always been P2W in a sense - tourneys. On-the-spot matches and events, I don’t think it is P2W. Yes there’s tough teams, but I can win most battles, wars no lol.

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Yes. :whale::whale2::whale:'s only need apply. :smirk:

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Game has always been P2W. From the annoying turn 1 command Priya teams to superbly well rounded and needed characters like Harper, you always have an advantage if you spend.

Yeah, I remember that Priya. Ugh. Seems it’s worse now though.

It’s worse now cause of mods… they really widened the gap. The only counters to mods are the p2w toons. If mods weren’t around, the shiva teams would still be awesome with the stun and confuse.


Priya/turn 1 meta is worse IMO. A lot less avenues to counter, and the non-existence of mods made RNG weapons extremely powerful.

Some mechanics available to F2P like decapitate, Guardian 2, blood/bleed allows for more varied PvP fights.

I’d disagree. It feels very different now. Mods may be the reason. The gap feels greater even w the F2P tons and abilities.

Probs. Quitting time.


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Maybe you’re right

Depends on our individual teams I guess. I’ve got a reliable F2P team that works for me quite well, and I’m trying different options too once I get Michelle and level up Davie.

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I quit. Best thing I ever did for my wallet

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Yea mods ruined this game imo, i honestly feel bad for people tht dont have Alice was raiding on an account tht didn’t have her,felt like a toddler learning how to walk :joy:

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still easy run with out her

Not sure if you haven’t noticed yet, but we’re back in the r1 meta again. :joy:


Was in multi regions but closing them down one by one. Have more time to do other things. Point is the gap is widening and rewards for f2p are not worth the effort of doing tourneys. I personally cannot hit the top milestones so dont get any of the museum toons. At least scopes are makin it easy for me to quit lol.


It’s always been p2w

I never stick up for Scopely but there have been a lot of F2P toons lately if you did the grind, I know there not in the league of P2W teams but they do make it possible to beat these teams albeit turn 8 rather than turn 2-3, Eric donny sandy Bruce and soon Michelle idk there always has to be a gap, I’m a small spender got Louis for £21 and 5k coins as I saved and don’t pull anymore, it’s a tough one for F2P but there are options

Yet you cant stay away and get on here.

I dont have Alice. There are other ways to have a turn 3 team