Has there been changes made to onslaught?



Can you let us know if changes have been made to onslaught tournaments?


Yes, they added more suckyness


Surely they wouldn’t have another so soon if there weren’t significant changes…

Yes, that’s a challenge.

Cue the “hold my beer” memes.


this week events and to next week too are pure garbage its time to quit it wont get better at this point so sad becouse i liked the game :frowning:


Yawnslaught is scopely’s answer to all the Level up complainers… “Oh, you don’t like level ups all the time? Here is a roaring dumpster fire of boredom and by the way, you gotta pay through the nose to play it…”

Somewhere in ScopelyLand there are feet on a desk and a plate of cake in hand as some one smiles a satisfied smile…


hope theres been changes to onslaught to justify it taking up next 5days on calander, noone liked the event the first time they ran it, the only good thing about it is its a way to farm league milestones for free, without having to buy raid cans like people do during a faction raid event. i would assume some people spent on onslaught last time, but after seeing after first 50coin energy the price goes up, i doubt any will spend this time around. scopely would honestly make more money in a faction raid event.

im in a faction that moved to a new region recently, were in the higher silver league so far, last onslaught we got 1st after fighting 2days for enough points to buy 1 night vision goggle… region events we can come top 3 everytime, but this event we have 0 reason to even bother if rewards are same as last time, good weekend go on vacation or something.

Not just my faction tho being so low leagues thats a issue, people i talked to in diamond/ platnium league factions didnt like this event either, the rewards arent great compared to what one can get from any other event in the game… this event needs its own milestones, something to motivate individuals to actualy log on and think its worth the time and effort wasted for it , and i dont believe its a good stand alone event way it is now, a Faction level up or a Faction survival road running along side Onslaught would atleast give people more reason to log on and give a pity hit to onslaught while they are online.

If its exact same event as last time, after so many said it was boring and not fun on this forum, and people i talked to in game many factions saying its not fun, i see alot of people taking next 5days off, only bothering to log in to level once in awhile

but back to the subject of coins, Faction onslaught vs Faction raid. raid can offer usualy 2cans 200-300ish coins, chance for a 3rd or 4th. if your just getting the 2 thats 12 extra energy. onslaught you buy extra energy 1 energy is 50coins and it goes up each time after that, if its same as last time by time you reach 300coins you got 3 extra energy, compared to raid events 12 energy. even if they lower energy cost to 50coins flat rate, your comparing 6energy to 12 in raid event, it just doesnt make sense to buy energy to me in onslaught , add to this raid energy gives you more league points then onslaught attacks, if your trying for league milestones, the faction raid would help alot more then onslaught currently does.

lets hope scopely changed something to make the event worth the time, otherwise its going be a boring week, and boring leads to people quit.


My faction had about 3 teams to beat the 1st day. The next day was the same faction over and over. Made for a boring time :neutral_face::neutral_face:



I hope so. It SUCKS.


if they add milestones, tweak the rewards you get after every battle won, add some rewards after you win or lose, idk what to call it, battling a faction and change the energy system it can actually be a good mode and rewarding


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If this game is stale bread, can we make garlic bread out of it?


If the periods were 15 to 20 mins long , and rewards better it would be better than war. No waiting to fill , different timezones irrelevant. Need more energy as well


People have payed for onslaught? Why? There are no rewards… If your fac leader is whipping you over onslaught, give big daddy Macs a message… I’ll find a spot for you in a sane group.


How is this possible? …Oh, you start with Zero Energy Now and need to buy everythink by yourself?


Yes inquiring minds want to know. The best thing to add would be to just get rid of it all together!! Adding rewards or milestones or anything else is totally pointless. Yawnslaught isnt fun and there aren’t any redeeming factors. Cut your losses and never bring it back. :pray::rofl:

@GagReflexBiter isn’t god just dog spelled backwards


Our friendly reliable site for advance notice has no rewards posted, this doesn’t look good.


I’m looking and see no milestones rewards the same as last time oh and you can get bronze mods. My favorite. And the top prize is enough tokens for one piece of t4 gear that’s just oh man just the absolute best.

It’s looking super cough cough lame cough just like last time.

What a joke this event is.


I got two mystery mods from battle but don’t know where they went. They are not in my inventory.


News flash: onslaught still sucks