Has there been any new leaks?

It’s been awhile since leaks came out. I was hoping to see more characters and some of them would be exclusive characters.


likely next week they always seem to show up early in new month. so more soon leaks will come.

Its assumed maggie and herschel will be the next legacies but no idea if any of the pics are more than peoples guesses. They started off the year with great toons and I’m losing hope they keep up with releasing them at the same pace and able to be used in the current meta.


Besides Hershel and Maggie I haven’t seen anything new

So much for two ascendables per month…

Pretty sure it’s still better than what we had before.

What is he doing with his hand between his legs? :persevere::persevere::persevere:

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Is it? Someone do the maths. Two lists with about 12-15 legacy ascendables over about 15 months is probably equal to, if not better than, a 2 per month average rate…

Yes, I realise the release rate over that period was anything but steady

2 per month over 15 months (considering they kept it 2 per month) would be 30 so that would double the original rate.

The 2 previous lists were for combined 22 toons. Starting October 2017 to December 2018 is about 15 months. So just slightly less than 1.5 per month under the old list system. Right now we’ve had 4 in 3 months. (Hershel and Maggie not counting as they haven’t been released)(Also I’m assuming Eric and Donny came out in January, I can’t really remember)


Newest leeks I’ve seen. Selling for £4

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