Has the game become more unstable?

Experiencing constant crashes in Territories now. After the notification that all enemy are engaged - crash.
At the start of the fight - crash.
During the fight - crash.
As the victory notification comes up - crash.
Before I can place a defence team - crash.
After I’ve placed a defence team - crash.

Bloody hell, please just fix what you have first Scopely before adding to the game.

Hotfix being sent out within a few days which should fix majority of the territories bugs! - Not Scopley

The patch notes never said they were fixing crashes just that the notifications would less annoying and trophies for Walkers. Everyone “yay they fixing terrs” nope haven’t even addressed it. It’s gotten to the point that they dont even go contested yet your team is still sitting there after the other fac has it. What’s the point of contest. Its ridiculous.

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