Has something changed with the A.I

I noticed just recently that raids have become suddenly tougher. Teams I rolled just a day or So ago have become almost unbeatable. I normally will roll thru a Erick team but now it’s become a struggle. Disarm not going off till turn 4 or 5. Stun not applying. Impair mods blocking taunt.

It’s not just me either. My friend has noticed this sudden change. Almost losing to teams he had never had a problem with. Something has changed or is it just us that have noticed this?

I don’t think they ever changed the AI back from when we
Complained my guardian had gotten worse,

They toned it down slightly but not much. Still forced to raid with a shield.

I surmise that in order to make us focus on incoming platinum mods and whatnot, they’ve greatly toned down the effectiveness of our mods and skills like disarm. All of a sudden it’s harder to win, so we’ll jump right into their next $ scheme to feel relevant again.

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