Has removing coins from leagues had the desired effect to make people more competitive?

As the title says. What are your opions on this?

Are you spending cans etc to try and stay up the top or are you looking and leagues now and thinking meh dont care


Second option.


No… trying to stay in the coins without getting promoted, i failed miserable last week, got promoted and will promptly get relegated this week.
If coins were as they were i’d have tried harder to stay where i am


Same as me then. Normally i would look at my standing and try and get to the next bracket.

I have found over the last few days i was 3rd, dropped a spot or 2 and normally i would look and see how many points i need to get my spot back, now i just thought sod it and didnt bother looking. Only reason i have used my normal raid energy is for the dismal tyre drops.

Noticed im now 32nd and went to look at the league table then stopped and though wgaf lol

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It had the opposite effect I believe. Game is boring. Still waiting on it to die. I think I’ll be at ease when it goes down

Of course not. Like most of us I plan on trying to get promoted one week and tank the next. Problem is after last week’s promotion this week I’m like 15th and don’t feel like doing the “work” to get into the top 10 and there appears to be no way to get demoted because everyone below me is not trying at all either.

Horrible decision to remove coins but it’s clear that it had absolutely nothing to do with competitiveness or that after two months leagues was stale. The only reason for the change is that they don’t like giving things out for free even when it doesn’t cost them a penny. They want us to have to pay for literally everything.


I qualified in Platinum IV. Previously, when I have been there, it has been a cake walk to get back to Platinum V. However, despite hitting all raid milestones, finishing SR and hitting 160k in war, I was out in 14th (my plan was to sneak into the 7th - 10th coin but not promotion places, but I fell well short).

On that one basis, it appeared that more people were fighting for the top

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This is probably due to the current event though. Some people are still pressing hard to get those toons.


I never put any extra effort in due to leagues in the first place so still doin exactly what I would otherwise do as far as leagues go… that war stash bs tho… damn if that doesn’t demotivate me something fierce.


i feel you on that one. War all weekend to get alpha. Not looking forward to next CRW now


The answer is it had the desired effect which was to give less people coins. it never was suppose to make people more competitive, probably only noticed that the income became lower after people got free coins.


True. That and CRW

Once this event is over and people get their toons the motivation will hit rock bottom. I know mine will

They they will just start up some other collection event with another great but soon to be useless gen 1 premiere that looks to be achievable on paper for free so long as you are okay with spending the entire day in the game but more likely for most it will just out of reach without spending a few bucks on some “deals”.

New gameplan in action. Mark my words.


All the new tweaks to the old tired events stink.

  • War rewards :poop:
  • Level up rewards :poop:
  • Raid rewards :poop:
  • Survival Road rewards :poop:
  • Faction Assault rewards :poop::poop::poop: (no change here)

Hanging in Diamond 1 or 2 and avoiding demotion or promotion is the new leagues meta.


+100 to this

i miss the excitment of waiting for VK to have a screen shot up of the war rewards and to see what character was on offer

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Next leaks will be a bag with Aris, Aiko, Harlan, and Alert Rick.

if this is the case would it be bad form for a co lead to step out for the weekend and play PS4 all weekend instead ?

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Yep. I don’t even bother to look at VK anymore either. I just don’t care and I know they will be crap like Burts, food bags, gear markers, and item tokens. Who cares.

If not for decap Sandy who will replace my leaderless Alpha on my Red attack team I would have seriously done absolutely nothing.

They need to get their head out of the sand and start listening to the players and figure this out because I know people are retiring.