Has JB scopely quit?


Why does his status says last seen 3 days ago but last post 2 days ago


Is he still active in the super elite chat room?


the post 2 days ago was just an automated thread closing due to inactivity…so really 3 days MIA


I want my 5 seconds back


Wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did. Remember Butters’ story arc of the South Park episode “Stupid Spoiled Whore Playset”?


He was only temporary. Maybe they finally found someone to take the role full time. Three days isn’t really that long though (not that I’m defending it). Foxtrot would be absent for weeks at times.


He was not only temporary.


Another *one bites the dust?!

Edit: just edited this because I just noticed I made a mistake, damnit :frowning:


New season starts today yo


I think I read somewhere that he was.


No, if you read that it was a troll trying to start a rumor or someone who misunderstood.


Idk, maybe it was.


I think he didn’t quit

He was fired XD


The lizard people got him


He is riding his donkey back from California


The 2 days ago post from JB is an announcement that got auto closed after 2 days of no comments.


Isn’t he mostly just on the Discord?

Or is he missing from there too?


Quit? Fired? Definitely not ill or on a short trip away… or is that too outlandish and crazy for these forums?


He is supposed to be back today. Give him some time.


I have heard that he’ll be back today, been on a business strip to US apparently