Has hordes been cancelled

Sorry if this has been covered but has hordes been cancelled, I struggled with time during the last event.
So I’m only half way to getting items for piper does this mean I won’t be able to get her now?

Yep it’s been cancelled because Scopely couldn’t run a p.ss up in a brewery.


But keep on surviving, your passionate dedication inspires us to something something in the future to make this game something something experience something players first.


Yes! Survivor we promise to act on our previous promises.:smiley:



Yes cancelled. Ranted about it here a few hours before ending…

I’d give it a few months before they REALLY wake up, by then it will likely be too late.

So all in all the grinding I’ve done in every other pathway is a waste of time.

Hmmm great way to wind up and lose player base


See if a top faction will let you in to get some of the milestones. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get piper if it wasn’t for them.

It’s the hordes one which I’m going to miss out on all the others are nearly completed

how many lucilles you need for final mission right now?
there are few bags available for 250 or 300 coins which give 25 piece of one type of collectible (over 50% chance). Can be bought once a day.
Since they are giving 1250 coins to each player by Monday, it may be useful.
Thats how i got Piper, bought 2 of these bags one for lucilles other for bandages for last 2 crossbones.

This is a good example of why the calander should be posted in the game. Not everyone uses the forum or has time to look at it. Shame. Sorry man.


Are they actually giving 1250 coins by Monday?

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So gr says

Yes read GR,s letter pinned to forum🤗

Didnt get any coins yet, is this true or fake info? Anyone got it already?

To be honest if you’re just a few collectibles short, and there aren’t any factions able to help out, it’s actually probably worth going for the bags rather than dropping the coins on the premiere wheel, essentially if you can guarantee yourself getting Piper for 1200 coins or less, it probably makes more sense to drop the coin getting a decent enough toon than the overwhelming likelihood that the premiere wheel is going to give you nothing.

Not yet…

@Lostboy1 thanks :slight_smile: @Warrior-reborn the Walker Hordes Event has been canceled as per my post on the subject than you can find here Walker Hordes Event - [July 25]

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