Has Faction Assualt been fixed?


When faction assualt launched a lot of people were having issues.

My faction started one but in the 2nd round every time someone tried to attack it said they had 0 teams and crashed out of the game.
They hadn’t used a team at all.

They lost all the tickets used in the process and had to retreat as not one faction member could attack over the 2 days round 2 was CTIVE/

So is it fixed?
Would it be wise to start one now (in different faction)


That issue is fixed, yes. A couple people had brought up another issue, but we’d need more info to be able to deal with it and I haven’t heard anything back yet. Doesn’t seem to be widespread either.


Thank you very much CombatMan


Hope it’ll be helpful


En español y sobretodo en android no ha sido arreglado, 10-12 miembros de mi facción pierden ataques constantemente,
Tampoco funciona el ap adicional de armas y/o lideres, cada ataque solo suma 20 ap y asi imposible sumar bien :triumph::triumph:


So it’s the language problem then



We’re finding weapons and leader boosts don’t apply. Bugs like this should probably be widely notified to the players. We were excited to start a higher tier but have been getting crushed. Will probably still be able to complete but when a 6* team with solid weapons gets wiped pretty quickly it’s disheartening. Would have sat on our tickets if we’d known ahead of time.


+1. What’s the point of making a team specially designed to counter a boss, when your weapon boosts don’t apply… I had a huge ap when attacking katana which only gave me 20ap each time I attacked. And no, there was no “ap down”.



I just started organising a Faction Assault…maybe best to cancel.
We have players from all parts of the world in our faction…different languages.


Replied in the sticky thread but figured I’d try here too.

If multiple people attack at the same time does the damage stack? So if we both die on the same stage and started at the same time, will our combined damage add to the total damage done to the boss? Or does it just take whoever hit him the most and move on? I think our faction could be going about it wrong using a few teams attacking at the same time and we need to go in 1 at a time. If that’s the case, it’s pretty stupid. You’re limiting the number of members that can attack and only a few strong players end up reaping the rewards. Thanks in advance for your help.


Weapons and leader skills not applying for us too. Please give update before we start new assault…


Definitely something is wrong with leader skill and weapons. Absolute defense and Stun sword works for me but no matter what weapons/ leader I use my attacks only gives 20AP.


A thread on the permanent effects from leader and weapon effects not working was created on Monday. It’s fixed for an upcoming update already.


Well my member got this reply recently.
After following up.

So I’m guessing the problem I’m referring to isn’t. (Screen going black and out of game when attacking)


Where is that thread.?


We just finished off the S3 challenge and previously did the S2 with no issues. The weapons may not work because the bosses have such high resistances to everything.