Has everyone got there flags from scopley?

Has everyone got there flags from scopley?

Yes, and balloons

If you were eligible.

Got my balloons thts it…

Yeah I am eligible

Still haven’t received flags

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No got this tho

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Plenty of people eligible did not receive their correction. It’s like Scopely just declared its over, screw you.


Nope (7char)

No flag compensation here, still

nope. definitely had choice boxes too. I did get the 30 balloons tho…

Did you have to open them to be eligible?

Must be obtained to be eligible!

Nope haven’t.

I started roadmaps as soon as they were available, but I didn’t open any of the boxes

no. In fact no one in my faction has and i haven’t heard of anyone in the region that is

Mine did come in. I opened all my boxes then put a ticket in to support.

I feel guilty. I opened my first 25 boxes when Taytron posted to open them and received all the flags properly. And I also received the 60 green and 30 black compensation flags. Not sure how they can mess this up for some and not others

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Because it’s Scopely and they literally can’t do anything right

Balloons, yes.
Flags, no!