Has anyone pulled Hershel today?


Curious if anyone has successfully. Several faction mates pulled and only got Zeke.


No. He’s not promo, right?


him and Ezekiel are right now.


I just pulled Hunter. Could be a good sign :smiley:


Oh. I haven’t logged in so I didn’t know.
Bit weird tho it’s those two.
Like whats the correlation? Lol


guardian 2!


Damn. Hershel is a guardian? I’m forgetting so much shit lately lmao


No one has pulled Hershel? Honestly just looking for someone to verify he is actually getting pulled.




10 or 40 pull?


40 pull… Pulled him and one other 5*


3 pulls, got a 6* Jessie. Not the worst that could happen.


People are still pulling for these mid week promos?


Yeah man. A few folks from my faction did as well. Hershel claps for reals. Best guardian, imho.


Well, Hunter was a good sign.

My First 6* I ever pulled :smiley:


Crazy how people’s spend $100 for a 40 pull, with a chance of not getting the promo toon. Guys got money to blow huh


Wow lucky ass pull there congrats


Grats! :slight_smile:


Better get on building him


Best single pull I’ve ever done but not hershel