Has anyone ordered the book to get Zhu?

Just wondering if ya got Zhu 24 hours later like the email stated.

ha ha sure they did…
nothing works as stated here

Took 48 hours for me.

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I pre-ordered the book and got Zhu about 48 hours later. I was in my alt region when it dropped in my inbox. Got “support” to transfer to my main region. So 24 hour delivery is definitely not accurate. Also check your alt region if you have one just in case. It is a legit offer :woman_shrugging:t5:

wait if you get the book you get Zhu ? why not the general guy ? or anyone else

If you wanted those guys, the book would probably end up costing in excess of $100. Zhu is bottom of the barrel, so he’s who you get.

I don’t know I think he looks alright. With the right team he’d be good.

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