Has anyone gotten 3 5* in the depot before


I just noticed this how rare is it


Dont think its possible…


It’s not that rare.


Agreed, not rare at all. Happened a few times to me.


People are always trying to flex about something on here lol


If you include Benny I have 4, oh my! Lol.
Seriously though, I get 3 in my depot every few weeks, would much rather have cans.


I think i nearly always have this if there’s no refill in it.


That Jesus super sale tho…


I don’t care anymore.

I have 100k Supply points and have every toon in there…:tired_face:


happens all the time, id prefer to have the 1st box ALWAYS be raid or world refills, it gets really frustrating (almost game rage quitting forever frustrating) when you refresh 16 times and only get 10 world cans


You remember when it used to alternate from raid cans to refills after every refresh.

Stopped that because it was cheaper to refresh the depot than it was to buy the refill offers, I presume.


Still waiting for Wanderer…


Have 155k. Gunna pick up a 2nd Tyreese. Whenever he decides to show. Not much else left to buy in there.
@JB.Scopely. was there any plans to add some other ascendable toons to the SD??


I’ve gotten 3 before. This new set up allows them to add them if they like


it’s quite rare, but it happened to me too


Give me the cans instead. All toon depots are a waste of a week.


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