Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?


Maybe they will implement some premium war queues for additional price where u get factions faster due to your purchased status


Wait, you can try fancy keys also, it’s just a pain in the ass


Is the #3 faction weaker than #1 and #2? If this is the case then they may be generally weak enough to get paired with other weak factions that your strong faction will never be able to find a match with.

I’m not sure how factual any of this is, just things i have noticed.


Follow up question, how long have you been altering the que and when do you plan to stop?


this is happening in dade. they opened our region which was great but we still cant fight anyone often enough to make a difference. absolutely nothing you can do when matchmaking is this bad. we spend 30 mins plus looking for battle. it’s just not fair to have to continuously check in every few mins for half an hour and when war starts it is over in ususlly 5 mins. we have 21 w 0 loss but can’t possible win anything under these parameters


November 3rd 2018


That’s pretty much exactly what’s happening. Regular war, we usually gap them by 2 million ish


In top faction we generally match the 3 below us whilst I’m guessing the 4th place tends to match the 3 above and 3 below. Their gene pool is broader in a way


Same sitch here

Top two factions are fairly close in power level. Issues lies that we have a war with them, usually we score marginally higher. Then while we are in matchmaking they curb stomp another faction before being paired with us again.

Each of the losses the 1st place faction has was against the 2nd place faction and vice Versace.


I know there’s a bunch of other things going on, but if this could be looked into it would be awesome. If this is happening during blitz war, i don’t see why this wouldn’t also happen during regular and cross region


And that’s scary as hell


I updated the Hot Topics thread with the latest! We’re still testing things out and seeing what we can improve.

Thank you everyone.


Can they test it in testing servers, not in all servers? This has to put into a stop, no more unpleasant wars please until they make the matching time same for everyone!


I looked everywhere and maybe I’m being a dolt, but where is that thread?




Does everyone enjoy searching so far? Have enough time to watch a movie before war starts


This war is actually much better for us, not sure if they’re testing with a different set of standards, but this is awesome


Not really, it lowered a little requirements, but it doesn’t change anything in older regions.


Our region is old as hell


Well, we still only have 3 matches in DADE, others have 8 now.