Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?


Can they test it in testing servers, not in all servers? This has to put into a stop, no more unpleasant wars please until they make the matching time same for everyone!


I looked everywhere and maybe I’m being a dolt, but where is that thread?




Does everyone enjoy searching so far? Have enough time to watch a movie before war starts


This war is actually much better for us, not sure if they’re testing with a different set of standards, but this is awesome


Not really, it lowered a little requirements, but it doesn’t change anything in older regions.


Our region is old as hell


Well, we still only have 3 matches in DADE, others have 8 now.


Oh yeah, dade is an outlier though. Y’all have top end and way low end, no middle yet

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just remove those matching restrictions will you? We got 9 matches in DADE, 1 faction got 16 matches, many got 13 and more matches


This is the results for the 2nd blitz war as of 12:00 EST Chilton region…we came in 2nd in the first blitz war. We were 40-1. This Sol Invictus was 39-10. We never matched them once…they don’t match any faction in the top 3 at all. We fill and launch within 20-30 seconds every single war all day. We have a good mix of time zones and active players that we can do that. But we are stuck in que watching a spinning icon. This faction has played THREE wars a couple times while we waiting for que…please do something about this!!

I can live with a lot of the stuff happening and think a lot of it has been positive but you guys tell me what to tell my faction members who put all this effort in for this.I’ll copy paste your response to them, your paying customers.

@TheWalkerDude @kalishane @Dash

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I feel your pain, it’s extremely impossible to think positively after this has happened to us for every war ever since the war made its way back.
We are basically waiting forever for a match, or wait for other faction to war twice then match with them for once. From last a few war results, we only had almost 50% wars compared to the winning factions.

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This was the reply a few days ago


Yes, the variables that affect this are the restrictions you forced on matching

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That was the result of the first blitz war this week. I mean I don’t fault this Sol Invictus one bit they put their work in, but again this was NOT an activity thing. We filled and que’d within 30 seconds every time.

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This is still happening to my faction, for every one war we get, while we sit and wait, competition gets in two wars.

We smash them every time we face them but we’re getting beat by the matchmaking, I can deal with everybody having weapons that proc every single time but this, is making me want to go to a museum, break into a crypt, find a pen and paper and write you guys a letter; An Actual letter with words and maybe even some hieroglyphics to show my frustration .

Furthermore the faction that is gaining the benefit of this, I don’t want to say that they hacked the algorithm to give themselves easy opponents while we sit in limbo , that would be madness of Shakespearian levels to think one group would wield such power what would you even call such a group? I feel as if i’ve come to a dead end with this line of thought.


Gho J Fisticuffs the 4th


Yup again. In one instance we matched, then they matched two more times before we matched with them again.


We are about 15 matches less than our competition. Can’t beat this. Matching algorithm wins every time!!