Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?


My region is truely a 24/7 region. Our times to fill the queue haven’t been greater than 5 minutes during this event, however we have 8 less matches than the current first place faction(normally 3rd or lower). I understand the matching algorithm was recently changed to help lower players see more equitable matches, with that said, it is having a terrible effect on the upper factions. We should not be able to search constantly, win every match, and still be in second place. Is there any plan to fix this before CRW, as the last thing anyone wants is another fiasco like the first CRW.

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Usual scores for us in regional and CRW




What our fill times normally run. 30 seconds or so


Man leave em some tokens haha, farm your refills and stuff
When was the last time you finished not first in any faction tournament ?


You might want to try TheWalkerDude. He has replied to a thread about matchmaking. I’m not sure the Combat duo can help on this one. I’ll see if I can link the thread for ya



Thanks man


Is it true that you guys once hacked the war algorithm to give another faction easier factions to face?


Last war, myself and 5 other players from my faction went to the 5th place faction to help them out and show them strategies. Put up 350k for them



Lmao, the shoe is now on the other foot!


I know this has been mentioned in other threads since the last CRW. Stronger factions now have longer wait times due to not being in the same matchup pool as weaker factions. I’m sure you may notice that basically the top 3 factions war with each other and rotate continuously.


Also every top players using android pc simulator? This trend is starting to be obvious. All these fancy names with curvy fonts


On Android you can use an app called fancy keys to do it


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Is there any known iOS alternative ?


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That would be true here, except the #3 faction is getting a lot more matches outside of the top 3.


Not that I’m aware of


Okay thanks sir