Has anyone else noticed how peaceful the forums are?


When we aren’t getting bad news or being told “I’ll take it to the team” it seems like this place quits being a toxic environment. It’s almost like you can start a timer for this place to go back to being a relatively respectful environment from the 12 hours after bad news mark. Obviously there is some here and there discontent, from old issues, but the customer base seems so resilient in spite of all of the issues we have. It’s good to see everyone getting along so well, hopefully we won’t get anymore bad news for a bit and this can keep up.


It’s just random gif’s and meme’s till the closing of threads happen.


This has not gone unnoticed. As I mentioned yesterday the forum has seemed rather pleasant the past couple days. Haven’t noticed mass flagging by the community. Not a lot of threads being locked and/or deleted. A lot of good back and forth debate which is healthy.


Yea, there were always tons of guerrilla flags from scopley “Friends”


We even got good news that new updated is coming! It will will fix some stuff or buff 6*s or won’t do anything but we should rejoice cause something. Eta also who knows when.


Soon… :wink:


Look at the activity, there are less trolls because activity is way way way way down



Sometimes its good to reflect on when things were harder…



Well yeah, duh. We ran out of new things to complain about.

Thank fuck we have this new “grind until death note” event and a solo level up to bitch about.


Honestly, I think it has more to do with people getting bad news, then flipping out. No news means less rage, means less activity.


Yes, now is time for deflating of rage baloon and new pay 2 play stuff, well known recepie. Up to whales to show do they want pokemons or to play.


It’s like birds are chirping lately


Everyone’s banned :stuck_out_tongue:


My main issue is lack of a farm able gear map and not getting any information on when or if they will bring one. When there are any roadmaps like the current death event the daily gear map is hard in it self to get in and it’s very rare a bag drops. Besides that things are not bad. We are hoping that things are being worked on as kali mentioned and trying to have faith it’s gonna happen


Agreed. I think some have finally given up. Less activity = less trolls = more pleasant environment. Does not necessarily mean that things are better overall.


Ahh I disagree and kinda agree lol…still pretty bad IMO. Well it may be a little quieter sure…but thats only because people are giving up on this company and game or banned. I liked the old forum better, there were less trolls (believe it or not) and threads. Here, there are 100 new threads a day saying the same stuff.

Nothing changes, and when a small change happens you people applaud it, which is stupid. You should not get a damn kudos for running your game correctly.

The game is really boring, I’ve have ventured into others now…one game I play, any time they need to force an update or if they get recognized on google play/apple they send out loads of great free material. Very useful stuff and you can tell they really care about the customer experience. Its really damn refreshing lol and makes me keep playing the game more and this one less…is it better meh I dont know, but when you get treated good…its a whole new world.

IUGO is great but scopely…well no comment.

End of rant :slight_smile:


haha… because everyone is getting boring about the game and quit already …

at least I was retire when CRW ended. and I feel really good now and have a lot of free time !! really good =)


Id wager $1, Mortimer that kali isnt pouting… i think shes been advised by legal to stay off the forums.

Coincidentally, her disappearance was timed perfectly with the sunset discussion and outright falsehoods coming out of CS that players have used for refunds…

Also, people have been begging for replies on valid issues (pulls, account recovery) and nothing has been done…

Ask yourself why…


Cause new best pulls are coming, expect answer in that area.


and Dash has been mysteriously quiet, I know he got a promotion (it seems) this past summer so Im not sure where his attention lies now…