Has anyone determined the drop rate for 6* and 5* characters from Premier Recruit purchases?

I’ve probably opened well over 100 Premier Recruit boxes since I started the game, and I seem to get 85% 3*, 10% 4*, and 5% 5* characters. I’ve yet to get a 6*, or even an ascendable 5* character from the boxes.

Anyone done any digging into this?

Says who?

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It’ll be in a future update. 9.2 doesn’t have that in it.


Doesn’t that open you to fines?

I’m not sure how that process works, just telling you what I know, though Public Beta users could have said as much since 9.2 is in public beta.


If you’re gettinf 5% odds of a 5*(before the guaranteed one), you’re wildly lucky.


Pre-ascension, ONE 5* came about every 3 big pulls (i.e. US$300, consistent with the decap Sandy stash pricing and various 5* crate offers over time). Though, the featured premier could be as bad as 10 big pulls+. (Good o’days of getting all 40 pulls of 3* and 4* was the norm.)

Post-ascension, it’s 1 in 40 for any 5*. Ascensable premier 5* is random. Ascendable 6* though is probably about 5 big pulls+.

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Doesn’t say anything about a deadline. No one knows.

It’s less than 1%, like pretty much every other game with RNG case/pack features.

CSGO: 0.26% for top items, usually knives
Dirty Bomb Cobalt Cards: 0.1% on free cases, 2.5-5% on special purchased ones
Pubg: as low as 0.0064%, but a wide range of 0.X% for higher tier items
LoL: 2% for Gemstones

Each of the above generally cost around $2 to open one.


You /know/ it’s less than 1%?

Nobody knows exactly until they are officially released.

So then you’re stating something as fact, that you don’t know. Just wanted to be sure. Thank you.

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Everything said on these forums are assumption based, no one really has any facts on anything in the game that is not directly provable or unless that information has been publicly shared.

IE That guy on facebook that somehow got everyone thinking Gator had mimic, lol.

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No one has any facts that aren’t provable. That makes sense. People should try to stay away from posting odds as facts, when they don’t know any better. “I like ______” is an opinion, when you directly apply numbers, it implies some knowledge. However, scrutiny shows there is none to be found.

If you needed to scrutinise my statement to find out if I knew the exact odds for characters… I mean - Ok.

Unless… I really do know and I am just throwing people off the scent as I lapsed with my original comment, revealing inside information (of which I’ve been made aware, I have).

It’s a tough call. I mean, are my feet UK Size 13 because they are, or because I prove they are… can ‘proof’ perhaps even be faked?!

Game has changed.

I don’t even know any more, my worlds been turned upside down.

I was hopeful you weren’t talking out of your ass is all.

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in 6 months :wink:

Three months!