Has anyone been watching

It feels like ive been watching this forever. Idk when soon is, but damn its been awhile

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I have been playing the game for 487 days and 23 missions were opened from the time I started playing. I wish they would roll out some more story missions so I could have other stuff to do since a lot of factions don’t even talk in faction chat, don’t care about territories that much, and during the downtime between all these dreadful level ups.

Been asking this same question for a while now and get no response.

What frustrates me is that it’s as easy as creating a new event roadmap, right? A couple extra bells and whistles, but same general concept, and it has a permenant positive effect on the game because it opens up new farming options. It just makes SENSE to add a few more world map stages

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I’ve been watching and waiting as well, after roadmap missions are done and after survival road is completed for the day wats left to do? Wait around for the daily prestige log in.