Has any1 tried to ascend the 4 star Neegan


Just curious was thinking about doing it but im afraid of losing him in case he becomes important for the event but I wonder would he aacend into an ascendable 5 star. Any1 have the same toughts or even try it yet.


Are you in desperate need for a 4? Ascend some 3* mb? Do not rush with negan is my advice


If he can turn into a 5 star it will probably be through a collection in museum.

I wouldn’t try ascending him.


I did it. Now I have the new ascendable 5star Negan(New Treath). But serious 4s are always random 5s when ascended.


So funny. Grow the fuck up, its called curiostity. Better than trolling peoples comments trying to make your sad existence a bit more interesting. Back to your cave troll.


Lol just ignore the troll. He trolls me too. Said I should put crit 20-25 on Yumiko’s weapon and def when enemies hp is below 30. It was pretty funny tho. :joy:


It’s obviously called not thinking before asking stupid questions that make no sense at all. Calm down. The answer is, ascend 4s get random 5 same trait. “Grow the fuck up” xD Im not the one asking these questions, Locky.


Don’t do anything, Locky. Leave him alone for now, no one knows what his use is for yet. Better to be safe than sorry.


Thanks @Raz.