Has 6* Wanderer been leaked?

He’s In the depot right now and wandering (pun intended) if I should get him.

Not yet no. But probably worth picking up anyway especially if he’s on a sale.
Do you have Tyreese and Glenn from the SD already?

Ye I have ty and glenn. Hes selling at 40k right now

I would. As soon as I see him in my SD he’s mine :+1:

He’s cheap as fuck
And he has potential
Due to a exceptionally unique rush
Be interesting to see what they do
Plusnhe has a nice lead skill

yep i bought him already tier 3 level 50 lol gonna hopefully max him out before end of lvl up! hope he comes out soon.

I’m with you…I had Duane in mine but I wanna wait until wanderer is available

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very true but now that there is alot of 5*s in the depot i barely ever get the ones i need. for example i havent gotten another gov in my depot for agggggessss

@kalishane any character art or concepts you could share. Any of the future ascendables would be cool but extra points for @wanderer

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lol wanderer looks freakin dope i hope they dont ruin him

Wanderer is going to get the Rosita makeover and show up in midfiff shirt and a thong…

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lol finally! man i have been wishing for a rosita in a playboy/ bunny out fit. i would spend 1000’s to get that fine booty

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I bought my first in depot for 40k, now he’s back in at 30k. Should I pick up a second?

lol i would say no for now as we still dont know if he is op (Even though he should be :slight_smile:)

He probably gonna suck hopefully not tho

he cant suck he looks like a badass and his stats as a 5* arent bad.

Though the difference is, that Gator was pretty useless as 5* already.

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Id wait till hes 28k…

Red Rick is actually pretty good. If. You get the debuff out there extends the battle greatly. I used him quite effectively and. Still throw. Him in an occasional team to mix it up.

Red rick isn’t that bad, and gator was always useless as a 5* never once did I see him in a defence team.
Plus wanderer is a fan favourite