Harvest Festival Offer & Event Progress Issues

Hello Survivors,

Earlier today, some players received and purchased two erroneous offers:

  1. A $2.99 offer containing 400 Green Leafs
  2. A $9.99 offer containing 1,200 Green Leafs

The intended offer content should have been Green Maple Leafs, not Green Leafs. Green Leafs were originally designed to be exclusively available via the Harvest Pass offers for $19.99 (Survivor Club members) and $39.99 (non-Survivor Club members).

Consequently, we will be taking the following actions to address the issue:

  1. Players who purchased the correct Harvest Pass offers will receive coins equivalent to their purchase value as compensation for this error: 1,500 Coins for the $19.99 offer and 3,300 Coins for the $39.99 offer.
  2. Players who purchased the $2.99 and/or $9.99 offers for Green Leafs will additionally receive Green Maple Leaves equivalent to the Green Leaves purchased. Each player’s first $2.99 purchase will not be counted towards the Green Maple Leaf compensation because we assume this purchase is intended to buy Green Leafs.
  3. Moving forward, all players will have the opportunity to purchase Green Leafs for the Harvest Pass - High Roller mission event for $2.99 (a 90% discount to face value).

In addition to this issue, we are aware that some players did not receive progress towards their Harvest Fest - High Roller event mission immediately after the event launch. We will be sending all players 100 Green Maple Leaves to compensate for any potential inconvenience.

Please expect any items you are eligible for to be delivered to your offers within 48 hours.

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you continue to enjoy the Harvest Festival.




Seems reasonable. Jonesgate next, please.


No pitch forks came out with this gate because the rewards are horrible


Can we get news about the siper collection please ?

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How much green maple leaves is equivalent to each purchases?

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Scary dolls are 9.99 each

that price is scary


But I received 200 maple leaves yesterday that weren’t added so 100 wont get the original total as it should be. Nice adding

Nice handling of this one—now take appropriate measures surrounding the exploit during the Mr. Jones event. E.g., refunding/compensating all purchases pertaining to Quills and Arrows, and simply handing out the character for free to those that didn’t obtain him.


Yep. 50% return rate on their screw up, seems about right

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Ребята это не ивент а полная хрень.

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This event is nothing short of fricking awful and as per usual money based for the better rewards…if you can even call the rewards that. This is one of the worst events to date. This game is a joke got. They are only interested in taking our money and providing average to poor gaming experience with very little fun. I’m a week from quitting the game. It just keeps getting worse and worse


What are the green leaves used for???
Has to be something fairly decent for them to take it away so quickly.

Green leaves are for unlocking yellow leaves, which are for unlocking the Epic and Legendary gear maps.

Green maple leaves are also for that purpose, you need both to get the maximum amount (and have SC). One is free from event missions, the other paid.


Okay I see it now ty

Can u do the same got Jonesgate and halloween gate now please


Never seen one of these harvest pass offers. Not for 40, not for 20 nor for 2 euro

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I think I’m going for the SD points conversion. at lest I can get some trainer (at least some useful) from depot

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