Harvest fest 3 in museum

What are the purple tokens for?

They are standard placeholders if you didnt cash in before the event ended that’s what you get been like that for years

Poor coding as always.

Thanks for the report. I have reported this issue for the team for investigation.

What happens if you’ve got any purple placeholders in your inventory? It’s not from this but from the last faction assault when we didn’t finish in time. Can we cash them in for supply depot tokens somehow?

@Jojo29 - I don’t have a definitive answer to this question yet as It has been raised by other players in other threads. Let me check again with them on the situation for those Purple Tokens still available in your inventories.


Those purple tokens are placeholders tokens from past events that are now expired and therefore cannot be used anymore. They will sit in your inventory for the time being until we push an update that will clean them.

Ok. It’s a shame we can’t get supply depot points but thx for confirming. :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

@GR.Scopely people earned them they should not be wasted for an issue on Scopely end can you push for something else so they can be used really wouldn’t like something we earned going to waste just convert them