Harvest Event Question


Does anyone know with 2 days left in this event, will the Harvest 2 in the road map come back around? just 500 shy on getting Bryan


You should have 24 hours left after the map resets. But I honestly wouldn’t put it past Scopely to make this the last one to make players like you (ones who are so close) buy the last you need. Especially since the maps ran for 48 hours.

I’m pretty sure they still have a bag in the featured section for a few hundred coins that have them. You might want to try that just in case


it really wouldnt surprise me. just seeing if anyone knew more than the rest of us. like @JB.Scopely


You must of missed a day. It was designed perfectly to get him if you finished every roadmap. OFfers are available.


Don’t take my word for it. But I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough pies for there to be one more. Unless they run one more for those that might have missed a roadmap one day.


This will be etched on a golden plaque and hung in the scopely lobby.


For once it really was. Finish all free aspects get the top prize…they hopefully follow that format more often.


I probably did. that’s why i was wonder if the time left, if scopely would drop another road map for the harvest.


I’m currently sat at 2000 peas after buying Bryan. So I imagine there may be another day, but it’s looking extremely unlikely atm


It would be fab if there were peas galore as a reward on a weekend event so you could also buy a princess. ‘‘Tis nearly christmas.


You can get lucky and get peas from the token stash, if they run another Harvest 1 you’ll get a shot. I already had enough so I guess that’s where I got the excess


I’m 10 wood short for Bryan :frowning:


You and me both and as usual they screwed us by pulling the maps. :angry::angry:

@Godsmistake103, no he didn’t miss a day. I’m in the same boat 500 short and I didn’t miss a day. I’ve never missed a day in 3 years of playing. They’ve never designed anything perfectly a day in their lives. 🤦


Same boat for me. I never missed a day and also 500 peas short!

They just never stop making players pissed.


did you get any of the peas and carrots from the stash? that might have been what put everyone else who didn’t spend over the edge to get bryan.


Yeah I got Bryan but did get 250 peas carrots from free tokens twice.


I didn’t miss a day. Got 500 peas and carrots from the collection and still have 800 left over after collecting Brian.


no i got nothing it’s gone ?


i didn’t get a thing ?


i finishes all the roadmaps and got nothing