Harvest Event - Is anyone else sitting out?

I genuinely don’t care enough to engage with this crap, spending 5 pieces of legendary gear a day is insane


I’m sitting out. I don’t have the patience for these events where I need to do 100 different things to earn one thing which I then need to do 100 more things to get a single piece of gear.


Looking forward to… supply depot points

Maybe I can get close enough tokens for a 5 star fodder

I’m sitting it out it’s a perfect event during Thanksgiving that makes it easy to forget about the game for a few days


Been sitting this one out since it started. Total fooling joke. Just like the buy this scary doll to get tokens for the new op dual specialist s class character.

Sigh this game needs shut down and sold for the better.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you say you’ve quit multiple times, so no surprise that your sitting this one out…

Sitting it out, I just don’t have a drive in this event. It’s just pointless.

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Yep; I totally agree that it isn’t worth the effort. The green leaf mixup finished a few objectives I’d have missed otherwise, but once they nerfed Pam’s usefulness in the roadmap, the event lost any use to me.

Fixed it for you. :grinning:

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My whole fac is not bothering. Literally.

Just want a game that feels like a game and brings me a feeling of being relaxed. Not this confusing, time sink, chaos

:face_vomiting: been an easy couple weeks. Dropped from diamond to plat. Coins aren’t even motivating now :roll_eyes:


Yeah, I’m sitting out as well


As with other recent events, I’m not sitting out exactly. I’m just not going out of my way to complete any of the missions. Just through normal game activity I’ve gotten plenty of banana splits that I cashed in for tokens. I’ve ran the 3rd act of a few of the orange leaf roadmaps

My daily harvest SR completion mission counter is stuck at 6 so… I’m glad I’m not participating.

I’ve frankly just been way to busy these last few days so I’m actually kinda glad the events suck and I’m not missing out on much. Turned it on once to see the convoluted ass event. Now spiders. Now chefs hats. Leaves everywhere. Not gonna spend what little time I do have to play mapping out what to do and how to actually succeed for what looks to be awful rewards.

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Im going super hard. Grinding everything and spending lots of money, never had so much gear! Thanks scopely for the amazing gear event, this makes me want to spend more. :roll_eyes: @GR.Scopely you guys did it, im now a whale and cant wait to spend, already have the new s class maxed out and i will for sure buy those chef hats! So excited for these amazing “events” where i get to spend.


Shouldn’t you sit everythink out @Aeris? You did quit right?

Anyway I’ll sit it out too. A few Thousand Supply Points are more worth than whatever the Freak this is

Sitting out from more than just the events. Really on the edge over here :sleeping:


Yep I’m out

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Not the only one

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Meh I do what I normally do, if I get tokens then I spin the wheel and run the first stage of the map to see how many banana split I get. In the end I’ll trade those in and end up getting a little bit extra for the things I normally do. Without going out of my way I usually get 6 or 7 pulls on the wheel a day.

It’s really a background event that gives me a little bit more for what I do already but really I could just farm the ultra rare gear map and end up with the same number of crates in the end. Nothing to be excited about.