Harvest Event Guide

Hello Players,

The mot helpful player in all of Scopley-dom is back with a handy guide to this total mind f_ck of an event. I’ve listed all the items (along with images to help decode the ridiculous similarity of some of the items), where they can be obtained and what they are used for. I have also listed the three roadmaps to detail how you can spend the items and prepare to ensure you can get stuff out of them.

Please add any hints and tips below, and i’ll copy them into this post.


  • The YL: Legend map isn’t easy - be prepared.
  • Prepare four teams, one of each trait with mods, weapons etc. Battle items can be used on Stage 1 and 2 of each act so line those up too.
  • Line up at least three faction supports of each trait for each of the three stages of each act.
  • I suggest you might need a couple of attempts at the YL: Legend Map, so have 80 leaves available before starting - and obviously the full 24,000 leaves.
  • It is only 75 coins to revive your team if you die - probably worthwhile

They missed out the real daily cost in gear to get the gear😂 ty thou @Kanaima

Yeah, I realise there is a whole set of things behind this event including the museum collections and the requirements of the daily missions. That stuff should all be fairly obvious to most players, but the confusing elements are around the distinction between items and also being prepared for the roadmaps.

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Isn’t legendary gear Sat navy and Canteens, basically you have to use 1 of each daily, math doesn’t add up for a good return unless you pay

I gave up on this event. Just doing what I normally do and get some extra gear for free.


Did anyone try whether Rings work?

Anyway, you don’t need to do all missions. They just give you extra OL pulls and Banana Splits, and both seem quite plentiful using the museum and scavenge tokens.

You can only need to hit all the Daily Missions to get the banana splits (which are obtainable elsewhere). Therefore you don’t need to spend the gear.

Any of course, one would argue that provided you are levelling toons that need levelling, it is a good return…

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@Kanaima - Thanks again for putting this together :slight_smile:

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