Harvest Box aka mystery box series


I wonder what awaits at the end?


Disappointment at not getting the prizes you wanted from RNGesus?


Probably 10x burts.
Although don’t want it to be the one time they throw up something decent and miss out lol.


So you first have to buy the 4 harvest offers to get a discount on a coin offer… interesting.

I will come back for the results in a couple of days


Didn’t even look to see what’s in them. Don’t know, don’t care.


Bahahaha thanks but no thanks. I say we get @kalishane to buy all the offers to show us how good all the subsequent ones are :smile:


Agreed. We need a guinea pig


Scam tactics. Even if it was to provide value by the end if u bought them all, I would never support these tactics.

Trust us, if you buy them all… wink wink… something of value will be given at the end of these sale… wink wink.


here is offer 2

already so expensive the fourth will prob be 100 bucks or more




to expensive for me xD


Might’ve aswell named these offers Garbage.


sounds about right!!


I find these offers to be tone-deaf to what the community actually values.


Hey now. Burt is a good deal at 99.99!!!


Thanks for checking it out, I would conclude the community was right, bs offers :wink:


bs offers is right…crap offer for a massive price!


Any news on waste of money #3?


Big waste of money. I’m terrified to think what 4 is