Harvest bag is a ripoff!

It said 70% for Peas and carrots for the second part, but instead I get more unneeded firewood! Scopley please give me back my 275 coins. :expressionless:. I know that won’t happen though.

Keep on surviving…

Long as you know that won’t happen anything else is just a cry.

Endure and survive.

Try buying tokens for the stash 4.4 percent chance to pull Burt’s well I got two tokens I pulled Burt 2 times in a row. Think of those odds. So i ran out bought a lotto ticket.

It’s a wallet harvest bag bro. Sorry for your loss :pray:

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How can you have unneeded firewood? I wish I had more

If the op thinks the harvest bag is a ripoff wait until he does his first 40 pull. :smirk:

Lol you said useless firewood on your last reply to me though, when I asked if you buy the harvest pack for peas.

:thinking::thinking::thinking: Really? :zipper_mouth_face:
I don’t remember saying that, is it possible for you to show me that reply?

(you can run out quickly of the firewood when farming the turkey map)

Oh you said you needed more firewood thats why you bought harvest bag. You had 10550 at that time. Sorry buddy.

Oh yes, I remember saying I bought some harvest bags because I needed turkeys as well as plenty of firewoods (therefore, I never called firewood useless), and I probably had 10k peas at that time

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True to that.

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