Harvest 2 unavailable today

So I went to do the thanksgiving events again and saw that Harvest 1 and 3 have refreshed along with their time limits. However, while the time limit on Harvest 2 has been refreshed, it is still showing as unlocked and completed for me.
Is anyone else getting this?

I don’t think Harvest 2 is supposed to refresh everyday, just every 2 days. The time limit started at 2 days, and its down to 1 day for me currently.


Ah right. I am dumb, I thought it was daily as the calculations for the rewards seem to have anticipated a daily peas and carrots drop.

If its 1 map every 2 days, then we can only get 1,300 x 6 Peas and carrot, which makes 7,800. How are we meant to complete the museum collections?

Collections, when started, lasted a little over 22 days. So there’s a good approximation of 10-11 times the roadmap will refresh. Not sure when you got 6 times from.

Ah. I was thinking that it was an 11-day event, until the end of November.

My mistake :frowning:

Theres more peas and carrots in the stash with the gold tokens u earn on map1, and im sure more will appear left and right over the course of two weeks

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1 token a day on a 30 item stash. Hmm maybe they will be available elsewhere besides the shop or offer’s. Maybe…

*90 item stash you mean… sigh…


Damn that’s right now I’m certain it’s not possible to complete with out the all mighty dollar. Guess this is how we get our gear collection now. All RNG based.

When the roadmaps reset in 1 hour, you’ll need 140 lumber to run both. I’ve got 135. :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:

Maybe the level up tomorrow has more in the milestones.

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