Hart's top 3 looking for a medium group

So quick disclosure for clarity; I say “top 3” because a reportedly whale faction recently moved in (as in, just last night) and we still have to see how pans out for the region. Otherwise we’ve been #2 in the region since we transferred in last October. Now that that’s out of the way…

Sun Tzu Movement in Hart is recruiting a medium sized group of 9 (but smaller groups and individuals are more than welcome as well). Hart itself is a US region that’s a good size with 19 active factions (cleared 10 mil in this last level up) and a friendly attitude. A good amount of dropped defenses for raid tourneys and shared crit territories for example.
STM is a welcoming faction and quite FTP friendly (if not grindy, but that’s Sopely). We usually have minimums at the 2nd to last milestones but they are flexible if you give the leads a heads-up that you’re going to have trouble. Join the family and inquire within! No timezone requirements, but if you’re able to be on our night shift you get instant brownie points.
Join the family and inquire within!

STM is a great group of people. Wish y’all best of luck.

I don’t recognize your username outside the forums.
Former member or a Cleburne OG?

Neither. Just know y’all from gettin to chat with your people in global past few months. I hope you get some takers, good people over there.

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Will there be banana bread?