Harrison worth it? I claimed S-class Aarav

I have a dillema…

Should I take Harrison from Comics and make him a leader for this team:

Harrison - Doc - Priya S class - Doc / Command toon (zander/maggie) - Aarav S class —> here no place for Christa

or should I forget him and run my current attack:

Priya lead - doc - christa - dale debuffer - doc (auto team win mostly in 2-3 rounds against 95% teams atm.) --> but here my S-class Aarav wont be useful

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Hmmmm that is a Dilemma, Do you see yourself having other uses for Harrison? Survival Road etc?

If not then I don’t think i would bother with him and just keep collecting up comics, - in saying that, there is a lot of Red Toons floating around so blues are useful, but if you already have Zander, then Harrison may be a waste of resources.

Your Current attack seems pretty effective, maybe leave it be.

But if you need a blue lead for Survival road, or for Squad Arena’s Harrison might be a good buy. If I were you I would consider my wider game applications.

Do you have Carl? If not… To the museum you go! Harrison is good tho and Aarav will be really nice behind him, use Zander instead of Maggie, Harrison has heals and hp boost and a disarm weapon amd Zander has disarm active skill, i would say yea, get Harrison, it’s fun to try dif teams and that team will have nice synergy, lots of disarm, Aarav for damage, Priya for damage and daze, Doc to help rush constantly and healing from Harrison, Zander will also help with his rush, he can give another toon full ap and impair and drain an enemies ap

Not every toon needs to benefit from the lead skill…

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yeah I was also thinking about that :slight_smile: Sounds fun also…!

The question will be: who will they put up in comics next? will they put an S class for us in comics to boost SC.

I know, sometimes we have to choose, the question is, who should suffer not be boost, Aarav or Christa :slight_smile:

He works great for me

He’s not a disarm specialist. Better chance to disarm isn’t rly that good

I was going to ask a similar question. Is he a better attack lead than Carl for linking Priya and Aarav?

better than Carl for sure i’d say

No they wont cause they dont need to do anything special for SC cause you all keep buying it anyways lol

Currently using carl, aarav, priya, raven and Harper. Just bought Harrison as I thinl he’ll better better. Looking good so far

I myself had this Diego in wishlist but Am waiting for next comics collection to show up before current one expire, will decide then. So I dont get deigo vs better opt like doc or something.

Getting such toon as f2p is super grind n long wait…

What ajour Camilla - Diego - aarav - doc - doc ?

That team will die fast if u r using it as defense

Was thinking attack :slight_smile:

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My mistake was reading ur laopo post lol
Remove camilia
Use diego lead , doc , s aarav, doc, command zander
Hope it helps

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