Harrison mod and weapon

So I picked up Harrison from the museum and thinking about putting him on my main attack team, but debating on what mods to put on him and what to do with his weapon. Anyone have him or any ideas?

Got to figure out how the ai reacts to him on your team and then go off that. If he primary target tank him up if not throw some damage on him.

He’ll be under a shield, but his weapon has 30 hp and 15 def, thinking I should put huge ap while attacking and maybe 35 attack on it and call it a day

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I’d go huge ap atk and bonus atk. Atk set mods atk, def, atk vs alert, graze/ap down and stun resist… maybe switch out atk or def for impair resist depending how it works on your team

Huge ap when attacking so he can rush turn 3 or turn 2 with a commamd and 40% hp, he will benefit from that hp with his bonus hp and heal rush and i am more for hp now than attack or defense set with all the maim, burn and bleed now, attack for decaps and defense if they are really low def stat like kal but other than that hp is what i like to go for most, even behind a shield as things like maim or bleed or burn can still hit harrison esp with toons like zach or heng yen where it goes to multi targets.


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