Harrison memorial hospital

So out of pure curiosity I looked up the location of Harrison memorial hospital. It came up as located In Kentucky. Maybe I’m off base but I didn’t think any of the walking dead was out that far . The scope of travel always seemed to be between D.C and Georgia. Any fanboys wish throw there two cents in?

Days gone bye was in Kentucky,Hene he was in the hospital. The Grimes family lived in Kentucky when the outbreak started. Lori and Carl with Shane went to Georgia for safety and left rick behind in Kentucky. That’s why in One issue Abe,Carl and Rick go back to Kentucky.


Would love to see some special spin off in a different location

Fair enough I guess I missed the Kentucky aspect. Or mayb the tv show washed over that in my brain

The TV show skipped Kentucky Entirely. In Tehran comics rick was born there and lived there. No evidence in the Show.

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