Harris region faction



If you are looking to join Harris region and are in need of a faction check out the Celtic warlords… Our core transferred from Dale region and we are looking to gain a few good men or women to continue our growth… Casual faction and war is a must


Is Harris active?


yes i recently went there as well


Is it friendly? Lol! Me and my teammates are looking to switch region’s


99.9% of the region is great people who are very friendly and helpful. We do have one harmless guy in global who just argues with himself and rants about nothing but he isn’t derogatory or trolling of other players. However since region transfer openings we have had a couple of former banned players decide it would be funny to create new accounts and just become global trolls to try to sabotage things like this. We’ve had 5-6 full factions migrate over to our region and many new individuals as well. We will just have to advise you on the couple of individuals to block out of the gate and it’s all good.

As far as region activity, there are about 22 competing factions in tournaments, no clear cut monopolizing factions (each group of 5 factions is quite competitive with each other as seldom the same individuals or factions winning tournaments), sharing of crit territories and a region leader chat in kik and line where all get along and work together very well.


Very nice. Is there anyways I can get in kik chat? We are really searching for the right region


send me line id so i can invite you to the harris meet and greet chat



Anyone interested in joining Celtic warlords please feel free to add me to line… User ID is dianeworonick… All questions about the faction and region can be discussed as needed


https://line.me/R/ti/g/2-L7ADe2E6 this is the link for meet and greet Harris chat room all are welcome