Harper's Rush is bugged


Put bleed mod on her. Rush stack only 2x the bleed. Not 3x. Please fix.


Was there a guardian shield present?


Maybe bleed resist mod too


I tested it on a human in SR with no resist and he is right, it is only stacking twice


I just got a bug like this with Bruce.I think Disarm is messed up.I couldn’t gain ap and @Bane yep was a guardian shield Hershel


Is a bleed mod guaranteed to proc every time?


I think so


Yes sir, “when attacking, cause bleed”


Hm, never noticed bleed/burn don’t say something like “better chance to cause” would have thought that were the case


I’ll add this to the bug tracker thread. Can anyone get this on video? Also, JB has requested IGN (in-game name), region and faction along with a date/timestamp for when the issue was recorded to go along with videos. This info helps the developers save time finding the info they need to find and fix the issue.

Bugs in 18.1.3 update

Yeah,No they only want to fix the shit that people spend money for


Sent to you in Line


Perfect. Got the video and forwarded it. Tracking here:


Wait.Bryan does this as well then


Updated the bug post to be more broad - this likely affects all triple rush characters (How many are there? 5* Theresa or Priya, who else?)


Green decapitate dude, chris?

5* Theresa yes but Priya had a regular rush as i recall.


Bryan does two attacks, not three.


Thanks for reporting! I’ve always wondered if it were me or a bug (applying bleed twice)


Good catch. I can test with him and see what happens.


It still doesn’t stack