Harper Gauntlet: Guide


Good luck hope you get him.

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Sounds right if you can beat the roadmaps.
Has anyone seen the teams yet?


Funny u say that I still havent got that message in my inbox. Got one for camilla but not that one. I’ll likely get it sometime randomly tomorrow which seems to happen often messages are delayed. But I dont ever pull or do anything anymore without coming here or askin in chat because you can likely gain all info from several sources

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Lucky SOB, I got a dupe Alpha


Yeah I didn’t read it because I didn’t got that message by the time I asked you, I do have it now :3

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Worse part is I will have all 4 but would still need to do a another 40 for harper because I only had alphas before. But seriously even if I wanted to that I’d say 2 big pulls for a total of 4 toons isnt bad. And camilla, harper, and alpha all very useable and I’ve seen Chris and glen used pretty effectively as well


I just wasted 10 bottles on the last stage of the harper roadmap.

From what I recall, there was Michelle Lead, Ajax, Jesus Shield, someone (maybe Dale or Zachary) and Wayland.

Wayland boned me turn 2 and cos of decap i was done.

Any team suggestions for this last stage would be much appreciated, losing 10 bottles hurts.


Remember they don’t have mods.
Bring something to control shields and focus.
Neutralize can be a life saver.
If you have a shield that can draw impairs or stun that works well, couple that with guardian like revive Rick and they will struggle to build AP.


Lol scopely are laughing their asses off with this wine bottle event. Why would you even waste that amount of coin if your in a top faction like me. We get multiple toon pulls every war :joy::rofl:. Plus obviously anyone that doesn’t have the best toons is going to struggle on the S11 map and probably need to spend more coin. Hook, line, and sinker grats scopely honk honk.


Can someone post a screenshot of the last step? Can a faction character help or it is a character in the game?


The set up changes everytime you reenter the level. You are assigned Harper as your faction support.


Wonder if a defensive leader is better Than an offensive one for this road map


Failed a couple times on the Camilla roadmap, it’s not something you can auto through. I had to adjust my regular raid team and add Douglas for his heal, stun heal, and guardian.


I am a casual spender, in diamond league, and I failed once in Harper map.
It is doable, but one misstep could trigger failure.
You really need to think about each move and load up AR before going into next wave.


Can you told us with which team did you complete the road map


Game kinda wants me to get Harper. Just pulled Glenn from war tokens, and hopefully I get Camilla from pulls so I don’t have to run Harper roadmap.

Edit: Lmfao, just got Camilla from 20 pull, so I can get Harper from just 10 more pulls.


Wow congrats. I still need glenn and Chris and only have 2400 coins left so think I’ll just save my coins as i don’t see getting both in 1 10 pull being very likely lol.


Wow that’s great luck!

I got all 4 after doing the Harper roadmap and forgot I still need 50 more bottles for Harper, ugh. Alpha is max 6* but my other 3 are almost max 5* and I don’t have enough gold medals to ascend all at the moment, feeling really irritated right now.


So what do we think happens if like you, a person can’t max all the toons in 10.5 days ( left @ time of this post) because of uncontrollable obstacles, i.e the gear and ascend medals scarcity?

This is why I haven’t even participated in this…I WANT TO, but the lack of information follow-up makes me not want to start spending on something I may not be able to complete due to my gear shortage.


Due to the lack of medals to ascend…this event wasn’t really fully thought thru.

I would have bought the hershel deal just for the medals…but my main account is too far advanced to receive the offer according to customer support.