Harper Gauntlet: Guide


But even with that we still short on getting Harper because you need 250 bottles or 125 pulls because for now it looks like the map doubles them


I haven’t done any of the math here, I’m utterly lost (though ignorance of course) so no idea how many pulls are needed for what.

I’ll just ask you to do it for me then.

I’ve just done a 10 pull, which landed me G2 Glenn (not a dupe, so happy). So what will I get?

To be honest, I’m already happy enough with the gear I’ve got from the roadmap.


Luckily i have Harper and alpha already and only really want Camilla


Let’s break it down.

Step 1: Do a 10 Pull. Get 10 Wine Bottles.

Step 2: Use 5 Wine Bottles on the Camilla Map to get 10 Wine Bottles (15 total).

Step 3: Use those 15 Wine Bottles on the three further roadmaps giving you 30 total Wine Bottles. (3 x roadmaps taking 5 bottles and giving 3 x 10 bottles as rewards).

Step 4: Do two more 10 pulls to give you 20 more Wine Bottles (50 total).

Step 5: Take your 50 bottles, complete the Harper map and turn that into 100 bottles. Cash that in for two characters for a cost of 30 pulls (or 3 x 10 pulls)


Yes that’s clear but you need 4 toons to get Harper which is unclear how


I don’t have Camilla Chris or Glenn.
So for 6,600 coins I’m going to get Camilla and Chris and gear which is awesome


Yeah I realized now.

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Basically do 3 ten pulls right now (we both did one already so two more) and complete the rest of the maps as they come and we are in the clear

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Love you :wink:


Well you need another 50 bottles for each, so the above gets you two toons and another 100 pulls gets you 100 bottles for the other two.

So you need a lot more than 10k for Harper, a lot less if you wanna be smart and pick up a couple of tidy toons


You’re right good deal for Camilla


Agreed. I’m going to see how the war wheel treats me after Blitz or how these token boxes treat me with coin rewards and see if I can’t get myself that elusive Huge AP melee leader…


Lost, utterly lost. That could be in German for all the sense I gained from it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


2 toons = 30 pulls plus completing 5 roadmaps

4 toons & Harper = 130 pulls plus completing 5 roadmaps and maxing them all out

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Perfect simplicity :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Luckily I have enough league coins saved for 3 tens so 2 wont be a problem


I have all these characters so i do not need wine.

Hopefully i can get it thru sc pulls


I did my second 10 and got this


Bahahahaha. That’s fantastic!

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How do we know the rest of the roadmaps arw gonna be the same for bottles?

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